WriteLaTeX brings collaborative writing to LaTeX

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 5.15.45 PMA quick post about a recent addition to the list of online tools for researchers:

I’ve just added WriteLaTeX, an interesting online service created by two mathematicians: John Hammersley and John Lees-Miller. LaTeX is one of the few ways to generates good quality scientific documents, that easily integrates formulas and figures.  WriteLaTex is an effort to facilitate collaborative writing of scientific papers using LaTeX.

The service lets you create, edit and share your LaTeX documents online and for free. Open a free account and get:

  • Up to 1 GB storage space
  • Unlimited projects & collaborators
  • Private documents as standard
  • Dashboard to manage your docs
  • Save & Restore version history
  • Higher priority compiling

A full tutorial is available here. 

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