Old-school crowdsourcing: surveys for researchers made easy with socialsci

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Believe it or not, crowdsourcing in scientific research has been around for a while. Surveys, have been a great way for researchers to obtain large amounts of information about human behaviors. With the introduction of online surveys, researchers have never had easier access to participants for their surveys. But along with the anonymity of internet, comes risks of fake answers or repeated participation that can influence the studies’ outcome.

This might be changing with Socialsci, a startup located in Cambridge (Massachusetts, USA), offering online survey services, tailors for researchers.  In addition to quite standard survey-generation services, Socialsci guaranties academic-adapted prices (=low?) and high-quality participants. High-quality participants are assured by an internal quality control, where the answers to over a thousand different questions given by participants are monitored for consistency. That way, users making up answers will see their rating downgraded and their participation in other surveys will be less likely.

Here’ s little video found on their website summarizing this way better that I did: https://www.socialsci.com/. I’ve added this in the “Using the crowd section” of the “Online tools for researchers” list.