Life Technologies launches free online tool for instrumentation management

Life technologies, the global biotechnology reagent manufacturer, recently launched a free  online tool for the management of lab instruments. The Oracle-powered tool should facilitate the lives of whoever has to deal with the maintenance, user-management and scheduling of shared instrumentation in your lab. They advertise an interesting list of functionalities:

  • Instant access to the complete service history of your instruments
  • See a complete list of serial numbers, as well as software and computer details, for all of your instruments
  • Access documentation specific to your instruments
  • See when planned events, like scheduled maintenance, were completed or will need to occur
  • Track when your service contracts are going to expire or your instruments will come off warranty
  • Check availability and schedule time on your instruments from anywhere in the world

I havent tried it myself, and would love to have some feedback about the service. I can only say that a free online tool to facilitate researchers lives is a positive thing! This is obviously targeted at shared facility personnel or lab managers (that happen to make purchasing decision as well), but can be very useful to graduate students and postdocs that look over the lab’s precious instrumentation.