10 additions to the list of digital tools for researchers

format-indent-moreJust added a few new tools to the list of digital tools for researchers.

  • DeepDyve – Instant access to the journals you need.
  • Cofactor Science Journal Selector – A journal selector from the editing service Cofactor.
  • Journalysis – A service for academic authors run by academic authors for reviewing experiences with academic journals.
  • Biowebspin – Platform in life science worldwide to networks, work, look up information.
  • CaptoMe – A wealth of knowledge about clinical trials.
  • Research Connection – A searchable platform for research jobs and information.
  • Trelliscience – A digital platform that connects you to the rest of the scientific community, ran by the AAA.
  • GitLab – A git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking and wiki’s all in one platform.

We have also added a new section to the list: Fundraising/Grantwriting. This will include services that aim to facilitate fundraising, such as these two search engines for research grants.

  • Grant Forward – Search engine for research grants.
  • Pivot COS – A database which includes funding opportunities from all disciplines.