Social networking sites for researchers

This is a first of a series of posts that will list the web tools and services specially tailored for researchers. The lists will be included in a static page as well.

Part I – Social networking sites

Social network sites seem to come in at least 4 different flavors: site that offer tools to manage your references, tools to increase your online presence and ease networking, tools to exchange and engage in new collaborations and more site that are specialized in specific scientific fields. Keep in mind that this classification is not exclusive since all have overlapping functionalities.

Reference managers orientated:
  • Mendeley –  2 million-user mark passed in 2012
  • CiteUlike – Sponsored by SpringerLink.
  • BibSonomy  – Initiative from the University of Kassel, Germany.
  • Connotea  – Sponsored by Nature Publishing group
  • Zotero – Great open source reference manager
Networking orientated:
Social exchange orientated:
  • ResearchGate – The 2 million-user academic social network
  • MyScienceWork  – Soon 5 languages for this European orientated network.
  • UnitedAcademics – Connects science to society.
  • Colwiz – Collective Wizdom from Oxford (UK)
  • Labroots – Pioneer int the science social networking site business.
  • BiomedExperts –  Bringing experts together
  • AcademicJoy – A more personal approach to research
Specialized social network:

There are probably many more out there. Please feel free to comment or contact me if you know of any that are not listed here.

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