Seek alternative funding for you research with ScanGrants

scan grantsI have been a busy, busy man these past few weeks. But I have a couple more exciting online tools for researchers that I want to mention here in the near future. Here’s one that I’ve wanted to share for a long time: ScanGrants.

ScanGrants was first developed for Samaritan Health Services and its collaborators to list funding opportunities related to the heath field. But ScanGrants is also available for use by the general public and includes funding opportunities for bio- and bio-medical research that could be interesting for researchers. Currently over 500 funding opportunities are listed!

Interestingly, ScanGrant doesn’t typically list traditional sources of funding like governmental agencies. Instead, it focuses on funding opportunities from private foundations, corporation and not-for-profits organization that are much harder to hear about. The value of ScanGrants is obvious when one thinks of the shrinking public research budgets in many countries, and alternative funding schemes such as partnerships with industry becoming the norm.

You can also follow them on twitter to hear about the latest grants.

3 thoughts on “Seek alternative funding for you research with ScanGrants

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  2. Hello–Is Scangrants still being produced online? I received my last Scangrants funding alert in mid-December and clicking on tells me the webpage is not available.
    It is a great resource for finding those non-federal medical-related opportunities. Thank you, Oliva Smith, University of Iowa

    • Hi Oliva, thanks for your comment.
      Yes, sadly ScanGrant has been discontinued.
      You’ll find similar services at: Grant Forward and Pivot COS (find them in the list of digital tools for researchers). However none of them are free like ScanGrant.

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