Scolary helps you to find the right tool for your workflow

It has been a while since the last update of Connected researchers. Life makes it hard for me to keep up with this site while managing a research group and a young startup. I very much will welcome help by the way! Regardless, I am keeping the site very much alive because of the strong interest from the scientific community to discover digital tools that can help them do Science better.

Luckily, Connected Researcher is not alone in this effort. Scolary being the latest. Since I think any effort making our lives as researchers easier is worth publishing. So here you go:

Scolary is a free and open compendium of software tools for the science and research community. On Scolary, you will find a growing collection of products that can improve your current workflow, served by the scientific community itself.

There are a few ways to discover tools on Scolary. Worflows are compilations of tools other scientists have put together for you. You can try out different workflows to see which works best for you. You can simply use the “discover” function and search your way into the database. Or you can explore the tools via pre-set categories, similar to what you will find on Connected Researchers (planning, exploring, analyzing..). 

Scolary will work best with the use and input from us researchers and from tool makers. So have a look! And good luck to Scolary!

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