Scizzle, a new scientific paper aggregator

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 9.00.33 AMHere’s Scizzle, a new aggregator service for scientific articles. Scizzle was founded by Gaia Vasiliver-Shamis, researcher in immunology, after years of being frustrated with the un-efficiency of her literature search routine. She was simply tired of having her inbox flooded with tables of content sent by journals, having to go to different journal websites to look at the latest articles and setting publication alerts that just added more emails. Even after selecting the publications of interest, she ended up with a multitude of tabs opened, that stayed open, and often unread until the next browser crash.
So after “hearing a sigh every time I asked: how do you keep up with the literature“, Gaia created Scizzle, a central location  where scientists could aggregate the content they care about and easily organize, share and collaborate through an user-friendly and clean look interface. First, start by creating a series of feeds by entering a list of keywords. Scizzle will find 25 results from the past 30 days then automatically update the list on a regular basis. On a single page, one can navigate through the feeds, latest papers and paper abstracts. The abstracts listed can then be saved to an abstract collection, shared by email and their citations can be exported.

Scizzle is still in its infancy (~ 2 month old at the time of this post) with more functions to come soon. Any feedback from its users is appreciated.

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