Runmycode gives a second life to your code

Logo_RunMyCodeThe web 2.0 technologies can help generate new science, but can also greatly help after publication. For example, some of you are spending months or even years coding the perfect model for your study. You will input your parameters find interesting trends, publish and move on to another project.

But then what? Don’t you feel your work is left partially untapped?

What if your work could be applied to slightly different conditions or adapted to other problems? What if users from around the globe could access that code, and run it directly online?

Runmycode does exactly that. It allows you to create a companion website for your publication. The site can host a cloud-based version of your code that users can run at will. The users input the parameter, press run and generate new data. It’s that simple!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 4.08.53 PM

Runmycode is a non-profit initiative. It resulted from a collaboration between many individuals and institutions, mostly located in France. I believe that this sort of “extension” to the classic publication is exactly what science needs to be more open and better communicated. Now only if a “RunMyExperiment” website for biological research could come-up…

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