Publish and Network on the ScienceOpen plateform

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.30.33 PMA quick note to say I’m adding ScienceOpen in the list of online tools for researcher.

The platform qualifies itself as a “Research and Publishing Network”. It is an open access publisher, inviting members of the ScienceOpen network to  review submitted papers.  ScienceOpen then opens it up to all researchers with a ORCID and has at least five publication to further comment on the article after publication. At the moment it is referencing over 1,000,000 open access articles from various open access databases. ScienceOpen also included a networking component, to share papers, open discussion groups and collaborate with other researchers.

ScienceOpen is a start-up company based in Berlin (Germany) and Boston (USA). Learn more about ScienceOpen here.


2 thoughts on “Publish and Network on the ScienceOpen plateform

  1. Thanks for article! I am from Russia and now in my country occuring very conflicting reforms. I consider such platforms as alternative to our official academic science place.

    • I’m curious, what kind of reforms is Russia going through in terms of science and scientific publication? And what does your “official academic science place” look like?

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