Mendeley invites librarians to join the fun

Mendeley recently announced an institutional version of their service. In partnership with Swets, a world leader in content management services for libraries and publishers, the new service will provide valuable analytical tools for libraries and institutions, along with the usual reference-management and social networking features for researchers.

With tighter budgets and the competitive landscape research institutions face, live data on how researchers use library resources, how they collaborate and what they are producing is clearly valuable. This data could be put to use to better target journal subscription (which have been enormous and rapidly increasing budgets), favor collaborations and help show return on investment to the funding agencies and the public.

It is also a sound commercial move on Mendeley’s part. Institution-wide adoption of the systems will help go pass that user-number threshold needed for such social network services to work the best.

Presentation of the new service:

Sources: Swets press release on


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