Labroots science networking site gets a new look – new features announced

Labroots, the social network for scientists has recently announced a major update of its website.

Labroots is a pioneer in the science social network. The site was founded in 2008, “with the goal of creating a destination where scientists could come together from around the world to share information and advance science“. With a steady growth since, it now claims nearly 500,000 users, over 250,000 posts and thousands of uploaded documents.

The new website includes design improvements and increased functionality such as facebook and linkedin integration, posting files and media, more referenced journals and a brand new “companies and institutions” feature. These new features enable users to share more and better than before.

Labroots aims to offer an all-in-one platform, where researchers will find all desirable features. Greg Cruikshank, Labroots founder and CEO says: “With the features we offer, most scientist don’t need to leave the website. They can search or post publications, join communities or groups for specific communications, there is an event and job board, we have a video library with thousands of videos, a review feature for criticism and promotion”. Labroots now seems well armed to compete with other major scientific social networking sites such as Research Gate.

Labroots’ effort to create a all-included service, reflexes well the current trend seen for scientific social networking sites. More than just message boards they wish to create a rich ecosystem, that could in turn complement or replace traditional scientific conferences or publishing groups for example. When asked about the future of the industry, Greg Cruikshank says he views social media essentially as a communication tool “just like email and cell phones“. Over the next few years, Labroots foresees that social networking will increase in functionality and associated features and will inevitably go mobile.

– Labroot press release
– Written interview with Greg Cruikshank, Labroot founder and CEO

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