Knode launched to favor Academic-Industry interactions

Have you ever heard of the Academic bubble? If you have, that may have been for good reason. Research organisations are designed to bring all necessary tools and complementary expertise in a single site to optimize research. But at many occasions must  a researcher get out of his/her comfort zone to seek other experts, potential collaborators or investors. Alas, the industry, government, and the not for profit sectors function in very different ways than the academic ecosystem. This makes it hard to pinpoint the ideal partner you are looking for.

Knode was launched recently to address this difficulty. They aims to catalyze interactions between these different ecosystems with an impressive searchable database of pharma, academic and researcher experts. One main innovation here is Knode’s ability to automatically index experts and their associated content such as publications, patents, clinical trials, and grants and make them easily searchable. This way, at launch Knode is already filled with millions of entries.

Knode is receiving  a good deal of press coverage, in particular a very informative Nature Biotechnology article.

Knode originates from the Boston–based Enlight Biosciences which is a platform aimed at developing collaboration between academics, innovators and entrepreneurs and the pharma industry.


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