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Why Connected Researchers?
Academic researchers are slowly getting accustomed to the opportunities that online technologies have to offer. Services such as social networks, service exchange, reference and data management and assistance services for communication or publishing have been multiplying over the past years. But the adhesion rates are still very low, partially due to an under-informed academic world.

Through this blog, explore these services, keep yourself updated on new services, and see how the industry is gaining users and changing the way research is conducted.


About myself.
I am a postdoctoral fellow in biological engineering at MIT (Cambrige, MA, USA). 7 years of research have taught me that academic research is mostly on the conservative side as far as to how collaborations are created and ideas are exchanged. I am fascinated by the potential of web services to change the way research is conducted. The recent uprising of web statups targeting researchers deserves some coverage.

Then it is decided! I’ll do it. “Connected Researchers” will have an eye on the latest in web services for researchers. And lets see if I can learn something in the process…

Contact me at: blogger@connectedresearchers.com


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