Five new tools added to the toolbox!

Ftoolbox-152140_640ive tools today added to the list today to hep researchers in their every day tasks. Find the complete list on the online tools for researchers page. I’ve also added a graph digitizer (dcsDigitiser) to the list you can find in this blog post.

  • Lab SuitInventory Management, orders Management, materials Trade-In, price Comparison.

So what’s “trade-in”? Well, it is simply opening up your lab inventory to other researchers. The more give away, the more you can ask others in return. A potentially great way to formalize the reagent exchange emailing list that most departments have.

  • Journal of Brief Ideas – Provides a place for short ideas to be described – in 200 words or less -, archived, searchable and citable.

This is based of the concept that ideas are common resource, and that it is only the way the idea is acted upon that should be attributed to group or individuals. Also check out the RIO journal that offers researchers to publish their research proposals.

  • SciFeed – Uses various data sources and natural language processing to identify important new scientific advances.

Probably a good way to keep on top of major scientific advances in all fields. This however won’t analyze your interest to suggest recent articles in your field.

  • – Online platform for professional networking and sharing of knowledge in life sciences.

There, you will find a number of announcements related to the life sciences. Jobs, events, news, publications and protocols. Haven’t tried it myself.

  • F1000 workspace – A workspace for scientists to collect, write and discuss scientific literature.

The latest project from the F100 publishing platform. Check out the short video below.

F1000 – Writing Tools For Scientists from F1000 on Vimeo.

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