Digital tools for researchers update

noun_29406_ccI’ve added two new tools in the digital tools for researchers list. There are now over 170 tools listed!

I’ve added Biocompare in the Lab and project management section. This an impressive product comparaison platform for life science research.

  • Biocompare – Find products, read reviews and hear about the latest technological developments.

And I’ve added Scientific Protocols  in the Protocol repository section. This platform is part of the reproducibility initiative launched by a consortium of Digital Science startups (Science Exchange, PLOS, Figshare, Mendeley).

As a side note, I’m happy to say that Connected Researchers in seeing an increase traffic over the past few months. This is sign that researchers are in need of information about the digital tools at their disposal. There is much more we can do to guide researchers through this digital revolution. So do not hesitate to step up if you would like to contribute!

Happy new year to all!

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