Digital science industry, who are you?

Looking at thquestion-marke digital science industry develop and mature over the past few years has been truly fascinating. There is tremendous excitement from entrepreneurs about the enormous transformative potential of translating new web technologies to the scientific research world. And there are also many frustrations and challenges that come with such major changes in the research and innovation ecosystems.

Although this website and others try to capture these changes and trends, my feeling is that there is yet a clear picture of what the digital science industry looks like. What type of organizations is this emerging community formed of? How well are they doing? How do its actors see the future? Is this even a community? And how can Connected Researchers and other alike can help?

With the help of, I have created a short survey that aims to fill that gap. Better data about the digital science industry will help the entrepreneur get a better sense of this emerging world-community. It will also make it possible for funders and policy makers to better support the digital science industry. Feel free to fill it in if you define yourself as a scientific tool developer.

Survey — —

All results will be anonymized and published on this blog  and LabWorm blogs.

2 thoughts on “Digital science industry, who are you?

    • Hi!
      I have all the answers from 41 companies, just need time to put it together.
      Will push it through soon if I see interest by people like you 🙂

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