Communicating science to the public – ScienceGist closes, many others still in business!

ScienceGist_small_logoScienceGist, a platforming offering lay summaries of research articles, just announced they are going online after 2 good years of loyal service. This comes as a bit of a sad news, especially at a time where the ability of researchers to communicate with the general public is increasingly important.  But this is also an opportunity to shine some light on a few other similar initiatives:

  1. UsefulScience – Summaries of the latest science useful in life
  2. SciWorthy – A science news site for the everyday person to better understand science
  3. GMTRY – Transforms science into art.
  4. Publiscize – Empowering scientists to free science and make their research available to everyone
  5. AcaWiki – Summarizing academia and quasi-academia, one document at a time

Thanks to @ScienceGist and @benmarwick for the links I didn’t know about.

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