A quick update on independent peer-reviewing platforms

There has been an increasing number of independent peer reviewing platforms emerging over the past few years, all based on similar principles. Typically, authors submit their manuscript before publication. Users can then comment on the work or write a more thorough review, giving suggestions for improvement. Many of these platforms also allow users to rate the reviews which drives up the quality of publication and reviews. These initiatives bypass the authority of publishers in determining what is or is not publishable. The hope is that a more open and independent reviewing systems will lead to better science. Here are four of these platforms that I have added to the list of Online Tools for Researchers

  • Peer Evaluation – Allows authors to upload data, articles and media and have them openly accessible and available for review and discussion by peers.
  • Peerage of Science – Has the particularity of bridging the independent peer-review process with direct access to publishing in partner journals if successful with review process.
  • Paper Critics – Connects to Mendeley accounts and allows everyone to review the work of others
  • Libre – Another participative reviewing platform (see video bellow). This tool is not launched just yet, so be on the lookout for updates.

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