Electronic Lab Notebooks explained

Simon Bungers, the founder, and CEO of Labfolder has just released a rather comprehensive guide about Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs). The motivation for Labfolder is to make sure researchers (and administrators) understand the very concrete problems ELNs are solving and how our research work can be made more efficient by using such tools. The article refers to concrete anecdotes that illustrate the usefulness of ELNs and helps you define your needs so you can find the most suitable ELN for your laboratory. Also included in the article are comparisons between a few of Labfolder’s ELN competitors that might help you in your search for the ELN that best suits you.

The guide is very much worth having a look if you ever wondered about Electronic Lab Notebook.  The post is split into the following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Is there really a need for a digital solution?
  3. What even the most basic ELN should do
  4. Features and structural considerations for teams
  5. Compliance, Data Governance & IP Protection
  6. App integrations & Open API
  7. Final Remarks