A chrome extension for the “Lazy Scholar”

google-chrome-extensionsLazyScholar is a great Chrome extension that will save you time when looking for the full texts of scientific papers.

On his blog, Colby Vorland, developer of LazyScholar explains that he “got tired of highlight title-> ctrl+c -> open Google Scholar -> ctrl+p -> search every time [he] wants to check if Google Scholar has indexed the full text of a scientific abstract“. From this frustration is born LazyScholar, an extension that automatically searches the web for the full text version of the article abstract page currently viewed. The extension is available for free at the Chrome Web Store. Since the beginning of the development, features beyond the simple search for full text has been added to the extension. All features are there to help  streamline your literature search. Current features include:

  • Click the browser icon while on any scientific abstract and it will check Google Scholar for the full text.
  • Type “LS” in the address bar and quickly query Google Scholar. Type “LS” followed by “PM” to query PubMed.
  • Citation count (GScholar’s and Web of Science).
  • PubMed Commons & PubPeer comment count
  • Attempts to renames PDFs to a standard format (e.g. “year_first author_journal.pdf”). -Fast copying of citation to clipboard (currently: APA, MLA, Chicago formats, as well as a short citation for PowerPoint slides).
  • Fast save to Google Scholar Library. -Generated links to save citation to various reference managers (currently: EndNote, RefWorks, RefMan, BibTex).
  • Tag a press-release/news article with a link to the study discussed in the article by clicking the popup to save others the time searching for the link.
  • Highlight text on a page, right click, “Search Google Scholar” for fast searching.

Here is what the app looks like when Lazy Scholar finds a full text version of the paper. In this case I archived the article on my ResearchGate repository.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.48.37 AM

 And here it is when the full test is not to be found.

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.49.13 AM