12 new digital tools added to the list

In no particular order, here come a dozen new tool added to the list of digital tools for researchers that I would encourage you to explore. You will find a mix of electronic lab notebooks, writing tools, lab project management platforms, literature search engines, and more!

  • How Can I Share It – Find information and tools to ensure your articles can be shared with your colleagues quickly and easily.
  • Code Ocean – Cloud-based computational platform which provides a way to share, discover and run published code.
  • Authorcafe – Authoring and Publishing Services platform for scholarly writing.
  • antYbuddY – An independent antibody review platform and supporting peer-to-peer forum.
  • Editorlookup – Search tool to help find scientific professionals for academic tasks, such as editors and reviewers for scientific manuscripts.
  • Ref-n-Write – Microsoft Word Add-in that helps you improve your English writing skills.
  • LiveLabSpace – Collaborative research tool that lets you plan experiments, replicate outcomes and generate research papers.
  • Thinkable – Platform to mobilize knowledge and fund breakthrough ideas.
  • Labspace – A collaborative electronic lab notebook for research teams including notebook, protocols, materials.
  • Researcher App – Browse and filter papers from hundreds of journals on your mobile device.
  • SciFlow – A digital publication platform for researchers.
  • Meta – Innovation in the exploration of papers and authors.

As always, if you have discovered a new digital tool that is not in the list, or you have developed a new tool yourself, feel free to contact me so I add it to the list.

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